Throughout the history of the Leaky
Classic, there have been many
incredible moments.  Here is how the
experts ranked them...
10 - Kent Chaney dives over fence to steel a home run to
save in one of the most unbelievable plays in leaky classic

9 - Jeff Cooper Hits The Longest Home Run this side of the
Mason Dixon line for a grand slam

8 - Els runs into tree to catch foul ball and Breaks his Nose,
initiating the play at your own risk waiver for subsequent

7 - The Leaky Classic breaks into mayhem when Mitch &
Scott Nice put on their serious party faces and start
bobbing for beers

6 - Bob Cunningham shocks the world and Opens the Leaky
Classic VIII with Amazing Grace

5 - Scott Arnold throws away 2 balls allowing 3 runs in the
bottom of the 5th to give TITTS its first Championship

4 - Leaky lays down the law at the grill scaring off hungry
guests and was rumored as saying “fine if you want it well
done you don’t get any cheese”

3 - In Leaky Classic 1, Paul Pfeiffer, in the middle of a phone
call in Chris’ kitchen, was being summoned to come take
his at bat.  In his mad dash to take the plate, he runs
through the screen door and lands on the patio with the
door swinging around his neck.  Fortunately, Jeff Weigel is
there to repair the door before Chris’ parents get home,
opening the door to continue having the Leaky Classic at
Chris’ parents house

2 – Steve Panko hits a foul ball when the bat slips out of his
hand and flies nearly 50 feet where the end of the bat
strikes Steve Loring directly on the forehead, leaving a
circular battle scar that remained for days

1 - A 10 year Zac Messer shows his guts and performs the
soliloquy from Wedding Singer in front of a cast of
Top Moments
The Leaky Classic