Milford Bixlers win it in two!
The Milford Bixlers stave off The Revengers in two games to take the Leaky Classic
XVIII crown.  The Revengers (New Youth Order), formally the Avengers, lost the
championship for the second straight year after taking the Winners Bracket champs
to a 2 game finale once again.
Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Tom Wright
Hall Of Fame - Dave Dygert
Hall Of Fame - Mark Bixler
Hall Of Fame - Paul Pfeiffer
Hall Of Fame - Tom Schutte
Home Run King - Tom Vilardo
Golden Glove - Mike Bernard
Cy Young - Max Hamilton
Batting Title - Jerry Combs
MVP - Mark Bixler
Rookie Of The Year - Brady Steward
2008 Champs - Milford Bixlers
2007 Chumps - The Revengers (New Youth Order)

Special thanks go out to:

  • Steve Loring
  • Paul Hannah
  • Tom Vilardo
  • Judy Vilardo
  • Tommy Wright
  • Mike King
  • Mike Parise
  • Mike Sauer
  • Ken Messer
  • Jan Messer
  • Tim Ramos

Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!!!!
The Leaky Classic