Beer, Wine, & Liquor win it from the
Loser's bracket.
The Leaky Classic XVII was the largest event to date with 22 teams with games
lasting until 1:40AM.  Beer, Wine, & Liquor became the first team to ever come from
the loser's bracket to defeat the Winner's Bracket Champion The Avengers twice to
become the Champs.  Paul Hannah was noted as saying "we're going to Disney World."

Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Tim Ramos
Hall Of Fame - Mike Davis
Hall Of Fame - Chris Clark
Hall Of Fame - Tom Bowman
Hall Of Fame - Les Moore
Hall Of Fame - Curt Robinson
Home Run King - Matt Barnes
Golden Glove - Pierre Gendreau
Cy Young - Evan "Tall Guy" Smith
Batting Title - Larry Hamm
MVP - Paul Hannah
Rookie Of The Year - Eric "Some Guy" Lawson & Mike "Some Other Guy" Barnard
2007 Champs - Beer, Wine, Liquor
2007 Chumps - The Avengers

Special thanks go out to:

  • Steve Loring
  • Gene Salyer
  • Paul Hannah
  • Tom Vilardo
  • Chris Clark
  • Mike King
  • Scott Stephenson
  • Mike Parise
  • Steve Panko
  • Jason Cooper
  • and a cast of thousands!!!

Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!!!!
The Leaky Classic