Wilber Wins it under the lights
After facing the largest field in Leaky Classic history of 20 teams, Wilber wins it
making it their 4th championship for the core members of the team.

Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Chris Will
Hall Of Fame - Gene Salyer
Hall Of Fame - Scott Arnold
Home Run King - Jerry Combs
Golden Glove - Mike Parise
Cy Young - Tom Vilardo
Batting Title - Paul Pfeiffer
MVP - Paul Hannah
Rookie Of The Year - Justin Popp
2006 Champs - Wilber
2006 Chumps - Jerry's Kids

Special thanks go out to:

  • Steve Loring
  • Gene Salyer
  • Paul Hannah
  • Tom Bowman
  • Tom Vilardo
  • Chris Clark
  • Mike King
  • Scott Stephenson
  • Mike Parise
  • Steve Panko
  • and a cast of thousands!!!
The Leaky Classic