4 Jerks & A Squirt Finally Wins One
After years of stumbling in the Leaky Classic, 4 Jerks & A Squirt not only made it
to the finals, but went undefeated to win the Leaky Classic XV.  Riding on the strong
batting of Chris Clark, Chris Kamphaus, Tim Billies, and Gary Weber, and the
relentless pitching of Jamie Noyes, 4 Jerks & A Squirt beat several teams beating
the Idgits to win the Championship in a nail biter.  This coming after beating the
Idgits earlier in the day to send them to the losers bracket, and ultimately home
with their second Chumps trophy.

Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Tom Vilardo
Hall Of Fame - Kirk Brinker
Hall Of Fame - Steve Loring
Home Run King - Max Hamilton
Golden Glove - Mike Davis
Cy Young - Scott Arnold
Batting Title - Gary Weber
MVP - Jamie Noyes
2005 Champs - 4 Jerks & A Squirt
2004 Chumps - Idgits
The Leaky Classic
Special thanks go out to:
Steve Loring & Gene Salyer - Set up, Tear down, Cleanup and everything else
Steve & Kodi Panko - Setup
Greg Berger - Our roving field correspondent
Tom Vilardo - Laying out the mini Golf Course & Doing th brackets again
Kirk Brinker - Umping once again
Tom Schutte - Homerun Wall Setup
Scott Nice - Homerun Wall Setup
Tom Bowman - Homerun Wall Setup
Mark Bixler - Homerun Wall Setup
Kirk Brinker - Umping once again
Jason Cooper - Homerun Wall Setup
Tim Billies - Cleanup Crew
Chris Clark - Cleanup Crew
Mike King - Cleanup Crew
Scott Stevenson - Special Thanks For The All Night Cleanup Action!
Tom Geyer - Special Thanks For The All Night Cleanup Action!

Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!!!!
Download The Setup Timelapse!
Download The 2005 Trailer