Olde Youth Order Secures 5th title for
the Panko/Vilardo Franchise!
The time has come for all wifflers to  come to the aid of their country.  After a
tough year of economic downturn, everyone should be ready to take out their
frustrations, and let loose on the plastic pill called the Wiffleball.
Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Mike Miller
Hall Of Fame - Todd Heywood
Hall Of Fame - Lonnie Sneed
Hall Of Fame - Gary Weber
Hall Of Fame - Joe Worthington
Hall Of Fame - Jerry Combs
Home Run King - Pierre Gendreau
Golden Glove - Mike Barnard
Cy Young - Max Hamilton
Batting Title - Paul Pfeiffer
MVP - Kodi Panko
Special Merit - Marissa Vilardo
Rookie Of The Year - Nathan Arnold
2009 Champs - Olde Youth Order
2009 Chumps - Milford Bixlers

Special thanks go out to:

  • Steve Loring
  • Tim Ramos
  • Tom Vilardo
  • Brenda McFaddin
  • Paul Hannah
  • Greg Berger
  • Mike King
  • Mike Parise
  • Chris Clark
  • Curt Robinson
  • Gene Salyer
  • Les Moore
  • Gene Salyer
  • Pierre Genedreax
  • Kirk Brinker
  • Jeff Popp - Thanks for the Pitchers of Beer!!!!
  • Donna Popp - Thanks for taking action photos!!!!
  • Jeff Iles - for cooking all of the food

Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!!!!
The Leaky Classic