Well another Leaky Classic is in the books, and it turned out to be probably the best classic ever.  We
had a full 12 teams requiring us to use two fields to fit the games in the available daylight.

The kid friendly environment was a hit, such that the Dunking Booth, Jump Zone, and the Toddler zone,
were all utilized heavily throughout the day.  The Buckeye game was broadcast via Satellite on the big
screen outdoors for viewing from the field.  The Homerun wall worked well with only a few minor
repairs needed during play.  The games were great and many of them were close.  Additionally, we saw
some new teams show up that "came to play," and for the first time since Leaky Classic IV, we
permitted kids to play.  The kids really showed their stuff, with great performances like that of Frank
Sullivan, hitting home runs batting both left and right handed.  Overall, a great day for everyone.  
Thanks to everyone for making the reunion a special day.  
Please send in your pictures
and Video!!!!!

Where's Wilbur dominated the day having 4 straight wins by 10 run rule.  King's Kids came from
nowhere after upsetting the defending champion TYTTS in the first game of the day to make a run for
it, but fell short in the Championship game.

Special thanks go out to:
Steve Loring & Gene Salyer - Set up, Tear down, Cleanup and everything else
Steve & Kodi Panko - Setup, Teardown, and Cleanup, and umping
Tom Vilardo - Setup, Teardown, Bracketing, Umping, and keeping the games moving
Kirk Brinker - Umping the Championship Field all day
Teressa Will & Les Moore - Running the Registration Boof
Tom Geyer & Dave Herzog - Cleanup
Tom Pohlman & Nancy Peter - Coming back on Sunday to help cleanup - You Rock!
Jeff Popp - Set up, and helping all day long
Awards For The Day:
Hall Of Fame - Scott Nice
Hall Of Fame - Steve Panko
Hall Of Fame - Greg Berger
Hall Of Fame - Jeff Iles
Home Run King - Scott Nice - 6
Golden Glove - Jon Witt
Cy Young - Gene Salyer
Batting Title - Max Hamilton
MVP - Max Hamilton
2004 Champs - Where's Wilbur
2004 Chumps - King's Kids
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The Leaky Classic
Where's Wilbur Wins Big!